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Put simply - we help your organization with #ai and #data governance issues. Need a dedicated workshop on #ethicalai? Looking for data governance consulting? Have troubles with emerging #ai and #data governance requirements? We are here to help you.

At Ceforai, we are committed to the highest ethical standards for emerging technologies, including the evolving ISO/IEC 38507:2022 standard and international guidelines (UNESCO, WHO, OECD) that may apply to regulated industries. We ensure that the organization has up-to-date, relevant, and proportionate AI & Data Governance solutions that improve efficiency and build a position of the entity that cares about respecting human rights. The checklist is essential, but we care about ensuring the changes have real impact and value.

Our work adopts to individual needs of the organization and the need for a proportionate approach to building the business. We start by understanding the internal organization, culture, and processes and then identify gaps that need to be addressed, such as changes to procedures and policies or modifications of a technical nature. We also look at the organization's approach to implementing new technologies to understand the real expectations and the opportunities, which may vary depending on the scale of the business or its focus. Then we prepare specific recommendations that can be implemented jointly or left to the organization to develop and execute on its own.

Getting your business ahead of the change coming toward its industry is our job. We find being prepared for the future the best risk mitigation strategy.

Our offerings include such areas as:

  • Revising policies and procedures, and practices and adapting them to individual needs.
  • Developing and supporting strategy implementation.
  • Building an organizational structure that ensures appropriate levels of accountability and communication.
  • Developing processes relevant to data management, algorithms, and models.
  • Verifying any gaps of a technical or infrastructure nature and supporting the development of technical documentation.
  • Training of employees in the organization.
  • Compliance check, i.e., checking for compliance with rules and regulations, including standards.

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